Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Road trip weather

The weather is just too nice to pass up traveling this weekend.

We drove to Wilmington a few days ago for a day trip. Spent an hour

downtown in a wonderful coffee shop before heading to Wrightsville Beach. We packed sandwiches for lunch, and with just the beach chairs and our trusty beach blanket, we had a warm afternoon of waves, smiles and relaxation.

Of course you don’t have to head east. Except for that rockslide on the Tennessee side of I-40, there is nothing to keep you from a day or an overnight in Western North Carolina. Little or no snow to worry about. If it’s skiing you’re looking for, I understand that operators are keeping their snow machines humming. Or just stare at the majesty of the mountains and be inspired.

There's pottery being thrown in the Sandhills. Old towns to explore in the Inner Banks.

Or just head to a museum you’ve been wanting to visit. Or a state historic site.

That’s one of the good things about living in North Carolina. It could be the dead of winter and still be pleasant enough for a road trip.

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